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Carthew Chau & Co are Brisbane Solicitors, Accountants & Migration Agents.
We practice in these areas:

Specialist Legal

We are passionate about property, employment, tax and commercial law - the things that align with almost everyone in some way almost everyday.

Business & Commercial

From tax structuring, trust and asset protection, to superannuation, business and succession planning, your future is in good hands.

Tax & Accounting

We    tax and finances. Our passion, experiece and knowledge is what helps reaps your financial rewards in these important, strategic areas.


Expert Family, Partner, Business, Skilled and Education Visa advice and assistance to help get you where you really want to be - ASAP.

And we're committed to you.

Practical & Affordable. It just makes sense.

Carthew Chau & Co is a modern and practical practice based in Brisbane, Australia that uses technology, streamlined processes, and extensive experience to maintain a balance of simplicity with knowledge and results. At times, the law and financial issues cross-over. You'll more than likely need to retain a lawyer and an accountant at various times of your life. If you're in business, you probably see your lawyer and your accountant about the same matter. Navigating Australia's complex migration laws can also be a challenge without guidance. With Carthew Chau & Co, you can benefit from legal and financial perspectives being considered and applied to your issue together. We get the complete picture. We better understand your needs. We deliver the best possible outcome, and you save money.

We Collaborate

Not just internally and with our trusted partners, but also with you. Law & accounting doesn't need to be as complicated as some firms make it out to be, and we'll help you understand what's best for you.

We Innovate

Just because somethings always been done a certain way doesn't mean it's necessarily the best way. We challenge that way things are done to provide innovative and affordable legal and accounting solutions.

We Care

Above all, we're here for you - good or bad. Everything we know will be applied to achieve the best possible outcome for you, now and into the future, for your legal, accounting and migration needs.

Our Focus

Fixed Price Solutions

Say goodbye to the billable minute. We offer a wide range of affordable fixed price legal and accounting services with no nasty surprises.


Our client portal lets you securely view your matter, communicate and colloborate with us at your convenience, online.

Outstanding Support

Ask us anything. Our experienced team are happy to help. You also get our mobile numbers so you can call anytime you need us most.

Professional Advice

Benefit from qualifed leaders in property, employment, commercial and tax law, plus accounting, superannuation and more.

Fast Service

Company and trusts set up lightning fast, plus online tax returns for quick refunds. Timely assistance and advice when it matters most.

Honesty. Always.

We promise to tell it like it is, always. We'll deconstruct the issue, we'll be up-front, and we'll be honest about what you can or can't expect.

Clarity & Focus

We focus on the issue. We won't complicate things unnecessarily, and we always look for the simplest and most practical solution.


We're determined to prevent and resolve any problem, and optimise every outcome. Our target is your success, and we don't miss.

Experience the Carthew Chau & Co difference.

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